Mutual Water Company Legal Services

Mutual Water Companies are a unique business entity subject not only to a wide array of general laws, but with a number of laws specific to their operation and corporate status. We advise the boards of directors of mutual water companies on their obligations and duties in operating the mutual water company, including addressing problems with member excessive or improper use of water, water shortage emergencies, conduct of meetings, communications with members, setting water charges and collecting accounts, and drafting and revision of bylaws and rules.

We provide assistance with negotiating and documenting easements for wells, tanks, treatment plants, and other equipment. We also provide the director training required by California Law..

Here are a few ways we can help you:

  • Director Training
  • Easements and Licenses
  • Drafting & Revision of Bylaws
  • Counsel Member Excessive & Improper Use
  • Counsel on Water Shortages
  • Drought regulation compliance
  • Collection Advice
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