Common Interest Development Legal Services

Common Interest Developments not only have laws specifically governing their operation and the rights and responsibilities of the association and the members, but are subject to many other laws and regulations covering a wide range of activities. Keeping an association operating within the law and responding to issues and disputes with members often needs legal advice from a lawyer who works with common interest development law every day. We provide general counsel services to common interest developments, including planned developments, residential condominiums, and commercial condominiums.

We represent over one hundred homeowners associations and commercial common interest developments, both large and small. We assist property managers and boards of directors with such issues as drafting, amending and enforcing governing documents; advising on association and owner maintenance responsibilities; training board members in legal procedures; and assisting in resolving member disputes. We also provide advice to boards on elections, disclosures and communications, records inspections, and compliance with the many laws that affect common interest developments including fair housing, employment, contracting, and zoning.

Our firm helps boards of directors meet their fiduciary duty to their associations and members by providing legal opinions on the rights and duties of the association and its members.

Here are a few ways we can help you:

  • General Counsel
  • Enforcement of CC&Rs
  • Davis-Stirling Compliance Advice
  • Drafting or Reviewing Rules and Policies
  • Drafting & Revision of Governing Documents
  • Collection Advice
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Contract and Agreement Drafting and Advice
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